The UTAŞ UTS-15 is a Turkish bullpup dual-feed pump-action shotgun.


The UTS-15 was developed by UTAŞ on the request of Smith & Wesson to develop "the ultimate police shotgun", with Smith & Wesson giving various criteria for the weapon, such as it has to be less than 30 inches (76 centimetres) in length and must have a minimum capacity of 13 rounds.

Design DetailsEdit

This dual-feed pump-action shotgun holds 12 or 14 shells in its two chambers depending on what shell length is used (either 2¾" or 3"). There is a small switch on the top of the receiver near the rear of the weapon which acts as a feed selector; if the user wants it to feed from the left, he/she flips the switch to the left. If set to the middle, the weapon will alternate feeding from both chambers. Loading is accomplished through two trap doors on both sides of the weapon held in place by magnets. Writing below the trap doors tell the user the capacity of one tube based on whatever shells are loaded in. The weapon is made of polymer.


The UTS-15 has gained some notoriety for its rather questionable build quality and reliability on its initial release, most notably its polymer construction, fragile tube selector switch and most of all, its frequent inability to chamber or eject shells properly, leading to frequent and rather annoying jams. Later models of the UTS-15 attempt to fix these issues.


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