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SAR21.png Hello there! I'm a bureaucrat of the Gun Wiki.
If you need help, feel free to contact me on my message wall.

Hello there! I am a member of the Gun Wiki administrative team.

A little bit of personal info

I'm from Singapore. However, I can't exactly own a gun in said country because of age limits and restrictions, and the fact that you'd have to gain a membership with the Singapore Gun Club to own a gun (which costs about SGD 1000, check the current exchange rates for the current values), but even then, your gun can only be kept in the range. Tell that to Canadians (or anyone, really) who think their gun laws are strict enough.

Other than being a firearms enthusiast, I collect Hot Wheels cars, am a railfan, a motorhead/gearhead, a Twitch streamer, play a certain Japanese "visual novel" called Grisaia: Phantom Trigger (hey, the main character uses an M1911-styled pistol called the Ignis, which is a modified Strayer Voight Infinity), play a certain Japanese game called Kantai Collection (kinda fun, but you gotta understand the Japanese characters (or as many people call them, "moonrunes") in order to know what in the world you're doing), assemble Frame Arms Girl plamo models and am interested in Lovecraftian fiction, the Cthulhu Mythos and Arthurian fiction as a whole (I have a soft spot for reading, especially classics and dystopian fiction, along with various plays). You might also spot me plinking around with pinball machines.

Please note that I currently work a full-time white collar job and may not have the time to answer your questions at any given time; I would like to apologize for any delays regarding this.

Wiki Information

As I am an administrator here, you can come to me and ask for help on how to edit or use templates on here. I also operate the bot Entangled Energy. I usually live around the CSS, templates, my sandbox, unfinished/massively plagiarized pages, Recent Changes or around the Russian, Chinese or the obscure and unusual firearms sections, the latter of which I call "the land of misfit toys".

I also edit on the Halo, Street Fighter, Contract Killer (where I am a bureaucrat), Shadowgun (which I am the founder), Kantai Collection, RWBY, Destiny and Locomotive Wikis (which I adopted).

I am currently working on rewriting plagiarized pages, and currently experimenting with a status legend thing I found from Admin Tools Wiki. I am the creator of the updated Main Page for the wiki, and am also the creator of the QJY-88 and ZfK 55 articles that are the 2000th and 2401st articles on the wiki respectively. I also run the Wiki Discord, but have since stepped back from regular moderation duties due to real-life work commitments.

You can also see me editing on Wikipedia, but I do not edit firearms articles on there; you will see me editing articles of trains (mostly Japanese) on there.

Stuff you should know

Kinda inspired by a certain somebody's Wikia user page.

  1. I am an administrator here. I am friendly at most times, but if you've come to this Wiki to do nothing but cause trouble, I will be one of those users who is going to deal with you. If you try to hide your antics, it isn't going to work.
  2. I'm not stupid. Face it, if I were, I wouldn't have become an administrator here. If you want to try and bribe me into not blocking you if you clearly did something wrong, it isn't going to work.
  3. I heavily enforce the Wiki's policies. Before you make an edit, make sure you read the policies. If there is something that does not meet the policies, I will remove it. Oh, and don't even try to copy from Wikipedia; I have a plagiarism checking tool.
  4. I have a life outside this Wiki. If it wasn't already apparent earlier, I have a full-time white collar job with a Fortune 500 company. Please do not spam me incessantly if you want me to answer one of your questions; I am most likely at my office at a meeting or doing my work and would not have time to answer you. It's also annoying when you do spam me so you will likely get yourself blocked in the process as well.

Current online status

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