"In a world full of AKMs and AR15s, be an SKS, because you don't appreciate perfection if you're born with it. Working to achieve your own idea of perfection is far more fulfilling than overselling yourself to people who only want what the bandwagon tells them to want."

Been a gun nut since I was two years old, putting me on 18 years of learning, tinkering, shooting and obsessing. Firearms are my greatest passion, and my best areas are late 19th century to WWI (1890-1918) and mid World War II to mid Cold War (1943-1970), but even then, I have particular expertise in the development and function of the 1911, Lee-Enfield and SKS. Friendly unless provoked, I'm a walking encyclopedia so if there was a gun in a video game, movie, television show or otherwise, chances are I know of it at least, or if not that, I could tell you what it was derived from and would most definitely know more about the weapon it came from.

I can proudly say that I consider myself a military collector, and I hope to achieve being the proud owner of every SKS, Mosin-Nagant and Makarov PM variant to exist.

I'm always working on some project in my day to day, so this section will change now and again.

My current project is modernizing a Type 56 Carbine, while still keeping its identity as something other than an AKM. Parts list in a recent blog post I made (Projects Projects Projects!), suggestions are welcome too. Mostly positive so far, but I wanna add some gadgets to it and cut some metal off to lighten it up.

Later Projects:

Favorite Firearms (Of which I have many!)[edit | edit source]

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