Hill Nothing fan

  • I live in Scotland
  • My occupation is Thane of Cawdor, Lord Protector. Army reservist serving in the 71st Royal Engineers.

ABOUT ME:  i like to study guns for their history! Although here in Britain is is hard to obtain guns....!!


Colt 1911 a legendary automatic...

.Colt 45

Colt 45 1911

M1911, Colt

M1911, Colt

As you can see, im a fan of the Colt 1911
Colt 1911!

Another shot of the 1911

made by John Browning, and i would prefere it to a Berreta anyday, but if im ever asked to choose either a revolver or an automatic i would pick the revolver, sure i love automatics like the Colt or Mauser, but i probably like revolvers more...

Colt 1911....a great gun

Colt 45!

Colt 45!

Smith & Wesson 629

Smith & Wesson Model 629

45 auto rounds

45 auto rounds






A Winchester rifle

1971 Browning Hi Power 10

1971 Browning Hi Power 10


Air guns are great aswell!

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