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Native Chinese speaker. If you have any problems with Chinese guns come ask me. I'll try my best to research on the Chinese internet.

Goal: to create informative articles that are not on Wikipedia yet or are not as comprehensively documented on Wikipedia

  • Metal Storm guns
  • Smart guns
  • 3D printed guns
  • Prototype guns

China major gun show references:

  • CIPATE - China (Beijing) International Exhibition and Symposium on Police Equipment Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment - 中国北京国际警用装备及反恐技术装备展览会
  • CIEPE - China International Exhibition on Police Equipment - 中国国际警用装备博览会
  • Zhuhai Airshow

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GTG Kodiak[]

Xiangying Rifle[]

Chinese CS/LX weapons[]

There seems to be some correlation of designation here, but I have no conclusive info on what is what.

Submachine Guns[]

  • CS/LS2
  • CS/LS3 (some kind of MP5 clone? China has like three different MP5 clones.)
  • CS/LS5 (provisional designation is 9mm Police SMG, appeared in Small Arms Illustrated)
  • CS/LS6 (or CS/LS06; helical magazine SMG)
  • CS/LS7


  • CS/LR3 (5.8x42mm sniper rifle)
  • CS/LR4 (7.62x51mm sniper rifle)
  • CS/LR5 (12.7x108mm sniper rifle)
  • CS/LR13 (all sources are in Russian for some reason)
  • CS/LR14 (formerly known as NAR-10)
  • CS/LR17
  • CS/LR18
  • CS/LR19

Machine Guns[]

  • CS/LM1 (FN MAG clone/derivative)
  • CS/LM4 (Type 80 7.62x51mm derivative)
  • CS/LM5 (mounted rotatory .50 BMG gun)
  • CS/LM6 (M2HB clone)
  • CS/LM8 (Minimi clone)
  • CS/LM11 (Colt Model 750 LMG clone)
  • CS/LM12