After taking a break from spending hours and hours on Gun Wiki, just reading through and doing dizzying amounts of research, I'm back and looking for some new articles to contribute to.  Of course I'll have to browse a bit, but hey, the more expertise I can gather, the more I know, the more I know, the better off I am.  Knowledge is power, and I am more than enthusiastic to share that with anyone seeking it.

Since I've been gone for a bit, obviously I haven't posted anything.  Well of course on my previous post, about my T56C patrol rifle project, I've made progress and revised what I want to do with it.  I rethought my attachments a bit (which I'll update on the original post) and I got one so far.  A WMLx 800 lumen rifle flashlight mounted to my bottom rail, which required me removing the AFG-2 grip, but to replace it I'm attempting to find a fore grip that is short enough to accomodate the magazine, seeing as one that's too long will get in the way.  I'm also looking into moving the light to a side rail, but I need a rail kit first, and if I did that I'd need a pressure switch applied to my grip so I can activate it without changing my shooting grip.  I've considered magazine grips as well, maybe adding a surface of some sort to the mags themselves, but I'd have to do it to every mag I have and it may mess with the way they fit in my mag pouches, which, seeing as they're .308 AR-10 pouches, they don't fit very well to begin with.  I'll take suggestions if anyone has a comment or question about the methods and whatnot, second opinions always welcome.

The most exciting bit of news is that with the start of this COVID-19 quarantine, I finally ordered  my second Type 56 Carbine, and it came in earlier this month (April, 2020).  Woo-wee, was it SOAKED in Commie excretions (a more tame way of referring to my usual nickname for cosmoline), seriously that stuff was EVERYWHERE.  The stock is stained dark with it, it's all up in every surface, I've already run through it twice and had to thoroughly clean my bore brushes on every damned stroke through a surface.  Upon cleaning the barrel, I had a tube of cosmo come out like toothpaste that was nearly 3 inches long!  But that day, a buddy of mine shot it at a berm while on a patrol and it worked just fine, but I didn't notice until I got home, I didn't shoot it even once!  I plan to do so Wednesday, I have three friends who recently picked up firearms coming with me, and one of them got a C308!

So aside from all the Commie excretions, the stock is pretty beat and there's a crack in the lower handguard on the right side, but not so bad that it shatters upon being fired, not by a long shot.  It works just as it should, but the cosmo has stripped the finish off of the main grip and it is relatively uncomfortable to hold onto, though I'm still deciding what to do about that.  If anything, I'm probably just gonna refinish it, but at most I think I'm going to get a synthetic stock for it, like a Monte Carlo, something minimalistic just to make it more comfortable, and better yet, I won't have to damage the gun to fit it, if anything needs filed, I just have to file the stock.  It's dated 1967 and was probably issued, considering all the damage to the wood, but it has a bayonet and the only non-matching serial number is the one I will be CONSTANTLY looking at, on the rear receiver cover.  But then again, I paid a grand total of about $381 USD for the gun, tax, shipping and a transfer fee, which isn't half bad from a verified seller.

I dunno, we will have to see what happens.  I just got my stimulus check from the government trying to accomodate people losing their jobs (I am considered essential, being a security guard, I just have been reduced to three days a week instead of five, but I still get paid my full 40, I just have to be available to cover for someone if they need me and we all work solitary shifts now.  I still get a paycheck, but I don't make enough to be disqualified from the check.) and I used some of it for my flashlight, a MOLLE vest water pouch and bladder, a present for my girlfriend and I'm saving the rest of it.  Next paycheck should see some more progress, such as a new foregrip, as well as a new sling swivel or buttstock for my patrol T56C, as the swivel on the stock now is too chunky to fit my sling.

Either way, good to be back.  Expect some good work to come from my way.

Cheers, and stay safe everyone.

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