The Vektor CR-21 (Combat Rifle 21st Century) is a modern South African Assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It has been designed by the Vektor division of Denel as a possible replacement for the South African Army's current R4 assault rifle.

First unveiled in 1997, the rifle utilizes the bullpup like the Singaporean SAR-21, Israeli TAR-21 and the British SA80. This enables the rifle to be as short as a typical carbine, whilst still retaining the muzzle velocity of longer assault rifles.

The weapon is a slightly modified successor to the R-4 (IMI Galil being produced in South Africa) which utilizes the rotating bolt and gas operations within the rifle a little better. The high endurance polymers and plastics that are used in the rifle give it a relatively high reliability and low weight. The CR-21 comes with a standard 1x magnification red dot sight that can be easily slid off of the front mount sight and such things as the vertical foregrip that can be removed to attach a grenade launcher similar to or a M203 40mm Grenade launcher. Finally, after many of the upgraded features of the weapon it also has in store for its user, a rifle cleaning kit housed within the butt stock of the rifle.

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