The Venus 22-2, also marketed as the Saturn 22-2[1][2] or the Policarpa 22-2,[3] was a twin-barreled machine pistol designed by Heinrich von Wimmersperg and manufactured by the Venus Corporation and later S.A. Policarpa Ltd.

History[edit | edit source]

The 22-2 has a developmental history that can be traced back to 1925, although the weapon itself was designed around 1975. Production was originally handled by the Venus Corporation of Utica, Michigan, with the company acquiring the rights to production from von Wimmersperg,[3] but in the late 1970s the rights were sold to a Colombian manufacturer, S.A. Policarpa, who produced it under the name "Saturn". The exact quantity of 22-2s manufactured by the Venus Corporation is not clear, although it is highly likely that the Venus was only produced in prototype form only.[3]

An improved variant known as the 22-3 was also developed by von Wimmersperg, although it is not known whether this model was actually ever made.

Two prototypes are currently in the possession of the Kentucky Historical Society, having been gifted to them by Alex Cuthbertson.[3][4]

Design details[edit | edit source]

The 22-2 is a double-barreled machine pistol which uses the principle of blowback to fire its rounds. The weapon's bolt has two firing pins. The weapon has a very high rate of fire of about 1800rpm, with a fire rate of 900rpm per barrel. The weapon appears to have provisions for fully-automatic fire only, with the switch on the right of the weapon appearing to act as a safety. The weapon can also take a unique suppressor which covers the magazines and acts like a shroud.

The weapons were built with steel receivers and either wooden[4] or plastic pistol grips.[3] The weapons feature notch and post sights.[3] Build quality, especially on earlier prototypes, is noted to be of rather poor quality. Selector switches can also be found on older prototypes.[4]

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