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Victor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov (Cyrillic: Ви́ктор Михайлович Калашников) was a Russian firearms designer.


Born in 1942 the son of Mikhail and Ekaterina Kalashnikov, he graduated from a university in Izhevsk in 1966, and shortly after began a series of tests with IZhMASh to improve the reliability of the AK series of rifles.[1] He would then become part of the design team to design the AL-7 and led a design team to design the AL-9 assault rifle for Project Abakan as well as the PP-19 Bizon and Vityaz submachine guns. He died in 2018, aged 75.[2]


Kalashnikov is known to have worked on the AL-7, AL-9, PP-19 Bizon and PP-19-01 Vityaz.