The Victrix Corvo (Latin: crow), previously known as the Victrix Corvus or Beretta Corvus, is an Italian anti-materiel rifle.


The original Corvus was unveiled at the 2017 DSEi Show in London, England. It is marketed as a sniper rifle that can be used for long range and anti-materiel applications. While the weapon is produced by Victrix, it is marketed by Beretta.

Design DetailsEdit

The Corvo is part of the Minerva Mille line of rifles produced by Victrix for military and law enforcement purposes. The weapon features a three-lug rotating bolt with a free-floating barrel. The weapon comes with a Steiner Military 5-25×56 optic as standard, though other optics can be used.

The stock and foreend are made of a lightweight alloy, with the weapon having a removable muzzle brake. The stock is fully adjustable and folds away to the side and has a folding monopod for additional stability. Beretta claims that with the proper match grade ammunition, the Corvo is capable of 0.5 MOA accuracy at a distance of 1000 meters.[1]



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