The Vila Velebita M.P. 91 is a Croatian insurrectionist submachine gun.


The year was 1991. The dissolution of Yugoslavia left Croatia with little weapons to arm their troops in time for said country's war of independence. An embargo prevented the newly formed state from legally buying weapons from across seas, which left Croatia with no choice but to design their own weapons, leading to the Vila Velebita. The weapon, while based on dated designs, was apparently liked by its users; the weapon was used on the Drniš and Livno battlefields. The weapon was produced in very small numbers; after the war, one unmarked copy was given to former Croatian President Franjo Tuđman, with the first manufacturing sample, serial number 001, being stored in the Croatian Police Museum, where it remains today.[1]

Design DetailsEdit

The Vila Velebita was a very crudely-designed submachine gun with wooden furniture. The weapon appeared to copy characteristics from older submachine guns, although the characteristics it copied were not as obviously copied unlike other designs, such as the Jelen or Šokac; little documentation about the weapon's workings exists other than the above.



A Mk II variant also exists, albeit with a very different appearance compared to the normal Vila Velebita.[2]


  • The Vila Velebita was named after a Croatian patriotic song of the same name; the name literally translates to "Fairy of Velebit".

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