The W03 sniper rifle (Chinese: W03型狙击步枪) is a prototype Chinese bullpup anti-materiel rifle.

History[edit | edit source]

The W03 sniper rifle was developed by Norinco as a potential sniper rifle for export to other countries. However, the W03 was in developmental hell until 2012, when it was developed into the LR2 sniper rifle.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The W03 has a thumbhole grip made of wood, something not seen on too many modern designs. To counter felt recoil, the W03 has a few recoil buffers on its stock, such as rubber paddings and a soft leather cheekrest. The W03 can be dismantled for easy transportation, and dismantling can be done without the use of tools; to make carrying of the weapon easier, a carrying handle is fitted on the barrel. The magazine is fitted in the rear of the weapon.

The W03 does not come standard with fitted iron sights; it is meant to be used with a telescopic sight. The W03 comes with a side-mounted 8× telescopic sight as standard. The W03 comes with both a tripod and an adjustable monopod fitted at the rear of the weapon. The weapon has an internal safety mechanism which disallows firing if the bolt is not locked or closed by means of a linkage rod in the weapon.

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