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The Winchester Model 77 was an American semi-automatic .22 caliber sporting rifle produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1955 to 1963. Notable for having variants with two different feed modes, the Model 77 was one of Winchester's last semi-automatic .22 caliber repeater designs.


The Model 77 was introduced in 1955 alongside the Model 88 lever-action rifle as "centennial models" of sorts (it was Winchester's 100th anniversary that year). Featuring "Centennial Styling",[1] the Model 77 was touted in that it assured "squirrel rifle accuracy in a modern fast-shooting firearm".[2] Priced below the similar Model 63,[3] the Model 77 was fairly commercially successful, with some 217,000 produced.[4] The weapon was discontinued in 1963 along with Winchester's other semi-automatic .22 caliber rifles;[1] the Model 77 has no direct successor.

Design Details[]

The Model 77 was a blowback-operated sporting rifle that fed from either a detachable box magazine or a tube magazine depending on the variant.[2]


The Model 77 only used .22 Long Rifle ammunition.[2]


The Model 77 had two variants: one feeding from a tube magazine and another feeding from a detachable box magazine.[2]