The Wurfkörper (meaning "projectile") was a series of explosive munitions developed for use in the Leuchtpistole.[1]

It consists of a thick wooden insertion shaft whose diameter matches up to the bore of the Leuchtpistole with a hand grenade head attached to it with a metal adapter.

The Wurfkörper munitions were developed when the Spgr.LP explosive rounds proved to be too weak for their intended purpose.

Still, some refinement was necessary in regards to stability during flight. The final refinement of the Wurfkörper design had the thick wooden shaft discarded after launch and left a thin steel tube that stabilized the projectile satisfactorily. A later modification utilized a plastic shaft which shortened the projectile length to 21.8cm and increased the firing range to almost 100m.[2]


  • Wurfkörper 358 LP - The first variation of the Wurfkörper munition, using the head of the Model 24 Stielhandgranate as its warhead. However, the 358 LP proved to be too nose-heavy, resulting in having a reduced firing range. Even using a more powerful propellant did not help to resolve this issue.[3]
  • Wurfkörper 361 LP - The second version of the Wurfkörper. In lieu of the Model 24 Stielhandgranate head, it now uses the head of a Model 39 Eierhandgranate. Compared to its predecessor, the 361 LP proved to be more practical.
  • Panzerwurfkörper 42 LP - A variant of the Wurfkörper designed specifically for use in the Sturmpistole. It can only fit the weapon's 23mm caliber bore insert. It featured a 60g shaped charge warhead and could penetrate through 80mm of rolled homogeneous armor.


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