The M99 (Chinese: 99式狙击步枪) is a Chinese anti-materiel rifle produced by Norinco.

History[edit | edit source]

The M99 was developed in response to a commission from the PLA for a 12.7×108mm anti-materiel rifle. It was entered into military trials against the JS 12.7 and AMR-2, but ultimately none of the rifles were considered satisfactory and the commission was cancelled, with the PLA instead opting to develop their own weapon, the QBU-10.

Subsequently, the M99 has been offered for export, with sales to Sudan and Myanmar. It has also been used by the Free Syrian Army, and it is thought that the FSA acquired these weapons via brokerage through Qatar or Sudan.[1][2][3] The PLAN Marine Corps have also issued limited numbers of M99s.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

This gas-operated semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle uses direct impingement as an action. Its design appears to be based on the Accuracy International AS 50. A large muzzle brake is fitted on the end of the barrel to counter the massive recoil produced by the cartridge. With the appropriate ammunition, the M99 is capable of 1.6 MOA accuracy, as seen in Pakistani military trials. The M99 comes with both a bipod and an adjustable monopod at the rear of the weapon, mounted on the stock.

Variants[edit | edit source]


Variant chambered for .50 BMG. It is assumed that this is an export variant.[4]


Bullpup variant fed from a drum magazine. Due to the position of the magazine, the scope is mounted off to the side via a Picatinny rail.[4]

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