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The Zinsner rotary gun is a prototype split breech rotary machine gun chambered in the .22LR round.


The Zinsner rotary gun was designed as a simple alternative to gatling type machine guns that require delinkers, have inertia problems with the bolt, cam dwells in the firing position and an improvement over previous split breech rotary guns that were prone to ruptured cartridges due to low chamber time. The Zinsner design solves this by using a continuous chain with half chambers on each link that interfaces with the other half of the chamber found on the barrel cluster held in position with a pressure fence with close proximity, this increases chamber time for 180° of barrel rotation enabling higher rates of fire and limiting any potential blowouts.


The Zinsner rotary gun is a .22LR belt fed externally driven split breech rotary machine gun. The split breech operation is unusual as it is in a chain belt form instead of rollers that runs inside the receiver. The belt is made from a thin high temperature polyimide strip fed from a detatchable magazine filled with water, propylene glycol and 1% silicone lubricant to cool/lubricate the high speed operation.